Painting on Light*

The last weekend of October took me to Vermont, ostensibly to move my daughter into her apartment there as she begins work on her first post-college job that doesn’t double as a sweatshop. Naturally, this was the perfect time to make my Mass visit in the Green Mountain State.

My Vermont trip took me to Stowe, one of Vermont’s premier getaway locations, prized by skiers, leaf peepers and maple syrup aficionados. That fact is evident in the typical Mass gathering at Blessed Sacrament, with out-of-towners making up more than half the congregation on some weekends.

But visitors have found Blessed Sacrament to be more than just a convenient spot to attend Mass. It’s become a destination in its own right, with Catholics drawn to the parish due to its thoroughly unique artwork, which you’ll find below.

All of the art in the church was done by a single Frenchman, Andre Girard. His arrival in Stowe is part of the absolutely fascinating history of the small parish, though you’ll have to read the book to learn it all. (Or, I suppose, y’all could Google it, but that’s cheating).

* The title to the book written by Josephine Belloso about the artwork at Blessed Sacrament.

Girard was initially expected to do just the Stations of the Cross.
The mural behind the altar.
Girard painted scenes from the Gospel on the church’s 36 windows.
Even the ceilings were adorned.
The exterior walls feature scenes from Molokai. This door was turned into a confessional booth, with St. Damien inside.

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