Outdoors in Wisconsin

A long weekend in Wisconsin kept me quite busy, with five church visits during the daylight hours as well as a couple of nights in a hunting lodge (that’s the focus of the profile).

It started at St. Norbert’s, home to the National Shrine of St. Joseph, a parish run by the Norbertines located just outside Green Bay. It’s also the home parish of my publisher, who I met for the first time in person.

Saturday night took me to St. Jude the Apostle in Oshkosh, followed by Sunday Masses at the Kaukauna Catholic Parishes, a tri-parish community. I attended the liturgy at Holy Cross and St. Katharine Drexel-St. Mary, while sneaking over to St. Katharine-St. Francis just to check it out.

As you’ll see below, all of the locations I visited are pretty darn beautiful. I’ve been home for a few weeks, but I’ll head back out on the road this weekend for Advent Masses in Maryland and Virginia.

The Shrine of St. Joseph at St. Norbert’s College
Inside the shrine.
The sixth station at St. Jude the Apostle in Oshkosh.
Holy Cross in Kaukauna
St. Katharine-St. Francis.
St. Katharine Drexel-St. Mary.

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