The Garden State Beckons

Again, it’s been a while. In my defense, I just last week returned from a rather lengthy trip to Alaska and Hawaii (photos to come, much, much later), so I was somewhat occupied. Yes, I can sense your “Oh, it must be so rough” sentiment from here.

This batch of photos comes from my trip to Belmar, New Jersey, a town close to the midpoint of the Garden State on the Atlantic Ocean. I was there for the vigil Mass, then drove a few miles south to spend the evening with old high school pals Jim Bilello, Chuck Durr and Kevin Keon. A nice side benefit of the trip has been the opportunity to catch up with some friends and relatives here and there.

The book itself is rounding into shape. I still don’t know exactly when it will be published, but it won’t be long now before it’s off to the publisher’s. I will obviously keep you posted about when it hits the shelves.

Thanks as always for following along.

The altar at St. Rose
The exterior of the church.
A statute of Mary, complete with Rosaries.
Natural light streaks across the church before the vigil Mass.

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