A Transformation in Charlotte

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

All the way back in April, the first weekend after Easter, I visited the Carolinas for Masses in on successive days. The first stop was St. Ann, home to what was once described by parishioners as the “ugliest church in Charlotte.”

A years-long campaign means that’s no longer the case, as the church has embarked on a building project and a corresponding in artwork to adorn the worship space. More work on the growing parish community is taking place between the church and an activity center. I also have photos of that, but it’s mostly gravel and chain link fences, so I’m omitting it from the collection here.

St. Ann has a well-attended Latin Mass among its weekly services, and thus the church has several features prominent to that kind of traditional setting, including the pulpit pictured below.

Thanks again to all who have been following me. I’m winding down rapidly now, with just six stops remaining on the actual trip.

Murals behind the altar.
The parish has added a tremendous amount of iconography and statues in the past decade.

The pulpit, fitting of a parish where the Latin Mass is celebrated.

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