A Catholic Home on the Prairie

Following my trip to Washington State, I headed east to neighboring Idaho. Geographically and demographically, the two parishes couldn’t be more dissimilar. Which is kind of the point.

Christ Our Hope was the ultimate urban parish, not far from the Puget Sound, the Central Business District and the very first Starbucks.

In contrast, the Tri-Parish Catholic Community was tucked away in rural Idaho, miles above sea level with farms in all directions. And, as the last photo will show, quite a bit more small-town than the home of the Space Needle.

And yet, the two locations were equally captivating.

In addition to the three churches – Assumption in Ferdinand, St. Mary’s in Cottonwood and St. Anthony in Greencreek – the area is also home to the Monastery at St. Gertrude, a still-active home to approximately 30 nuns. It was a lovely area in a truly beautiful setting, which the photos below will confirm to some degree.

The Monastery at St. Gertrude
Assumption Church in Ferdinand before Mass.
St. Mary’s in Cottonwood.

St. Anthony in Greencreek.
The sign greeting visitors to Greencreek identifying the residents of the area, and the distances to their homes.

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