Accidentally in El Paso

When I was plotting out my trip, I decided to avoid doing a lot of traveling during the heart of winter. My recent trip out west reminded me why.

As mentioned previously, after attending Mass in Gallup, I found myself stuck there for an extra day when a snowstorm hit North Central New Mexico. And when I tried to wind my way to Colorado the day after, I found the interstate heading into Albuquerque nigh impassable.

Flummoxed, I decided to go south to El Paso, where I was expecting to make a visit later in the year. I figured I could attend Mass on Friday, and then if the mountain roads into Albuquerque were still too rough for my Ford Fiesta, I’d just head east out of El Paso and mosey back home to the Midwest over more Midwestian terrain.

Thus, I found myself at St. Mark in El Paso a few months earlier than anticipated. And, as you can see below, west Texas didn’t escape winter’s wrath either.

The ice-covered fountain outside St. Mark
The 30-foot Virgen de Guadalupe statue on the campus of St. Mark.

Inside St. Mark
The day before Mass in El Paso, I stopped by St. Albert the Great on the campus of New Mexico State University for the Feast of St. Blaise and the traditional blessing of the throats.

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