Yukon? More than Okay

The third Sunday of Advent put me in touch with the great people of Yukon, Oklahoma, and St. John Nepomuk.

When I first envisioned how the trip would unfold, I imagined that in addition to my Mass visits, I would also spend time at parishes attending the kind of ancillary activities that so dominated my life when our kids were in Catholic school – CYO games, BINGO, fund-raising dinners, etc. Alas, in many places, these types of events haven’t fully returned since the pandemic.

That’s one of the things that made my trip to Oklahoma so satisfying (there were actually lots of things). Besides attending several Masses at the parish outside Oklahoma City, I got to spend time and engage with people outside the church vestibule, including participating in the Dirty Santa (aka White Elephant aka Yankee Swap) gift exchange at the Knights of Columbus Christmas Party.

I hope to get more opportunities like this in the back half of my experience, which will resume at the end of this month with my second western swing.

I’m not sure if I fully captured the beauty of this image, owing to my marginal photography skills.
The front of the parish on Garth Brooks Blvd.
A mural inside the adoration chapel at St. John of Nepomuk. The artist used real parishioners as his models. I dined with the wonderful gentleman who was the model for the face of God.
Another mural, this one at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral in Oklahoma City. The mural depicts many of the major Catholic figures in the state’s history, including Blessed Stanley Rother, the first U.S-born martyr.

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