The First State. My 10th

Over the first week of September, I drove east to spend the weekend in Bear, Delaware with the good folks of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish and Father Roger DiBuo. And the parish unnecessarily rolled out all the stops for my visit.

On Friday night, Father Roger and I went out to dinner in the spectacular colonial town of New Castle. And after the vigil Mass, Father and I enjoyed a wonderful meal with the parish’s digital specialist and his fiancée. I was even invited to speak at all of the Masses, though I don’t know if my appearance at the Vigil Mass really counted as such since I had the dual blunder of speaking both too fast and not close enough to the microphone, so virtually no one understood a word I said.

After two Sundays at home, I’ll be back on the road for a lengthy trip coming up, with a drive out west with multiple Mass visits along the way.

I’ll try to post an update from the road, but that will depend on my internet connection and my energy levels, not necessarily in that order. Have a blessed week.

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