Greetings from Michigan

The first day of August took me to Dexter, Michigan, eventually to the right location.

I headed up early in the morning, plugging St. Joseph into my phone. I arrived at about 20 after 8, giving me enough time to patrol the grounds and snap some photos before Mass. By 8:30, it dawned on me there was no way Mass was taking place there at 9 a.m., given the complete absence of any other human beings. I was at the Village Church, which is still home to daily Masses but gives way to the Country Church on Sundays.

I hightailed it a few miles east (I think) to the new facility. As you’ll see from the photos, each church is beautiful in its own way. I guess that’s always the case.

I had a nice morning at St. Joseph, meeting a host of parishioners after the 9 and 11 a.m. Masses, while enjoying lunch with a handful of folks from the parish’s music ministry. All in all, a satisfying trip.

I’m be back on the road at the end of the month, hitting up three parishes in the South. I pray the COVID surge there, and everywhere, is on the wane by then.

The Village Church

The Country Church

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