Not My Father’s Son’s St. Mary’s

I made another foray beyond the 52 this past Saturday when I returned to Greensburg, where Kem and I lived for 15 years.

My Saturday afternoon roam around St. Mary’s did not take me to the church where all three of our kids were baptized. Rather, it’s the spectacular new church and school facility several years after we headed north.

I’ve been slipping into empty churches like this one for some quiet moments of prayerful reflection for the past few years. Though few have the personal connection we have with St. Mary’s, it’s always a nice way to slow down and spend some time.

The view from behind the Baptismal Font.
St. Mary’s was the first parish I’ve encountered still enforcing social distancing throughout the church.
The parish’s namesake Saint.
If you know just one thing about Greensburg, Indiana, this is probably it. If your knowledge about the Southeastern Indiana city is nil, this is the tower tree, some version of which has been growing out of the Decatur County Courthouse for the past 150 years or so.

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