No Backseat Taken

Sunday took me to St. Catherine of Siena on the campus of the University of Utah, but Saturday was reserved for touring Salt Lake City with oldest son Ian.

Despite the scorching heat (it hit 99), we walked around the downtown area, including a visit to the Cathedral of the Madeline, home of the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Though not as well known as the rather famous temple just down the road, the Cathedral stands up proudly in terms of beauty, as you’ll see below.

Also, unlike the Temple Salt Lake, spiritual home of the Mormon Church, we were able to check out the inside of the Cathedral. For the moment, no one is able to visit the Temple, as it’s under renovation until 2024. But beyond that, admission is forever reserved for members of the Mormon faith who receive a Temple Recommend. No such invitation is required to worship inside the Catholic’s Church’s home in the Beehive State.

The Cathedral is just up the hill from Temple Square.
The Cathedral of the Madeline in Salt Lake City.
Gorgeous stained glass windows inside the Cathedral of the Madeline.
The Temple of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, currently undergoing work to shore it up against potential earthquakes.

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