Off the Path: 2

Today’s stop takes us to the town of New Buffalo, Michigan, quite possibly the favorite place in the world of both my wife and me. New Buffalo is tucked just inside the southwest corner of Michigan, not too far from my home in Northwest Indiana. We usually go there at least twice a year for dinner, often, but not always, for burgers at the world famous Redamak’s.

But this time wasn’t a pleasure trip. I was heading back to my son’s school following another failed attempt to give blood (the Red Cross and I just haven’t been on the same page lately). With a little time on my hands and a full supply of hemoglobin coursing through my circulatory system, I stopped in at St. Mary of the Lake, just a few miles north of the Indiana line.

I stayed and prayed a little while, though my opportunities to wander and shoot some images were somewhat self-limited, as a fellow church-goer was sitting quietly in prayer at the front of the church, and I didn’t want to intrude. Still, I got a few shots of the church, sitting right on U.S. 12 in this wonderful lakeside town.

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